All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Welcome to the Southern Highlands Arts Fund, a not for profit organisation supporting projects that cultivate, develop and improve access to the arts in our local area.


Our guiding principles

• The arts are for everyone - and
• The arts are an essential part of individual lives and the social and creative life of our community.


We know that the Arts flourish across our region. From community programs to initiatives involving professional artists and practitioners, there is a myriad of arts and cultural activities for everyone to participate and to share in the enjoyment of them.

We also realise that there are some in our community who do not have the same access to Arts experiences and and opportunities as others might.  And existing projects and ventures may not meet the needs of all of our community members.

That's where the Southern Highlands Arts Fund steps in

Our mission is to 'bridge the gap', to support arts opportunities in the Southern Highlands that target: 

  • groups underrepresented in these activities (as participants or audiences)
  • unmet or under serviced arts and cultural activities, and
  • inclusive arts related projects in partnership with individuals and/or groups.

We provide a tax deductible way for individual, group and business contributions to develop and sustain local, community-based arts projects and initiatives.

We want everyone in our community to have access to the incredible experiences that the Arts offer.
— The Southern Highlands Arts Fund Committee

our priority areas

We support projects that will cultivate, develop and enhance arts and cultural opportunities in the Southern Highlands, specifically for those groups that may be under represented in current arts activities. In 2016 - 2017, we hope to make an impact by funding arts projects, activities and initiatives for local:

  • Children (Foundation to Year 6)
  • Young people (Years 7-12)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people and
  • Children, young people and young adults with disabilities.

Interested donors may wish to help us in funding programs for these groups across our community.

Arts and cultural practitioners interested in seeking the Fund's support for particular projects must target one or more of these groups.